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I love Photography, it has allowed me to bring out that inner man in me, in such a way that it allows people to know me through the Fine Art that I create.

You will get to know me as a Fine Art Artist by all the Artwork that I create. Just look at all my Art and you will see a part of me in every finished Fine Artwork that I do. Which is revealed to you my friend in pictures that tell the story of my life as a Tine Art Photographer.

A part of me, really is in every photo I take, right from the beginning to the end. All the time I spend outdoors in the wilderness looking for that special place whether it be a lake, river, waterfall, meadow, field, trail, dark forest, cliff, gouge, dried-up river bed, hillside, or a 6000-foot mountain to climb up. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, rain, snow, hot heat, wind, bad weather, morning, noon, sunset, nighttime, don’t, matter to me. I am looking for that something different, that photo that no one else has ever taken.

Then the photos go home with me, where I will spend hours editing them, turning them into a work of Fine Art just for you my friend, to see and enjoy.

And maybe you will want to purchase one, so you can hang it on your wall, that One of a kind that no one else has, That picture the One that will stop all your friends in their tracks and make them look in amazement at such a piece of Gine Artwork!

Douglas A Werner

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